Источники бесперебойного питания

External Id: Источники бесперебойного питания

If you change only the property names, the models values are not deleted. To delete values, you must delete the property itself, or change its type.

When editing a previously saved value in the enumeration (multiple choice or mutually exclusive choice), values in the cards will change to the new one, i.e. they won't be deleted.

When changing the property type, several conversions are supported for values in the cards:
• mutually exclusive choice to multiple choice;
• multiple choice to mutually exclusive choice (only for those cards where no more than one value is selected);
• string value to boolean value (only for string values "да", "yes", "нет", "no");
• integer value to float value (if it's possible to convert to a new unit);
• float value to integer value (with the float part discarded, if possible, converted to a new unit);
• any type, except expression and file, to string value.

If you don't change the type, but change the unit, then the numeric properties (integer value, float value and value range) will be converted, if possible, into a new unit.

Check with technical support for more precise details.

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